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Upgrade My Crawlspace is a vision-focused project by Shipshape Solutions Inc.

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Our Values
The 2-2-2 Model
Shipshape is a technology platform built for homeowners that provides solutions to monitor the critical systems and appliances in their homes.

Each solution unlocks home data by integrating smart home products and other data sources about the home on the platform.
After we set out to build Shipshape, we found that the more data we gather the more apparent it is that homes in America need a lot of work. One project, in particular, came to light that we had a clear moral imperative to address: the crawlspace.

26 million American homes have a crawlspace that needs to be fixed before it is too late.

We need to help homeowners avoid property damage and major health issues that intensify inequality and social injustice. These upgrades will help homeowners save enormous amounts of energy - helping offset the cost of the project and combating climate change one home at a time.

Protect your home.
Save the planet.

Save Energy
Reduce consumption and plan power use for the best times of day for your utility
Drive Less
Reduce unnecessary service appointments and see fewer trucks driving to your home
Avoid Waste
Reduce property damage and extend equipment lifespans to avoid excessive waste dumped in landfills
Join the Movement
Get practical advice about how to improve the efficiency of your home
Your home's energy consumption is most of its total carbon footprint. Fixing the crawlspace can decrease your home's electricity use by up to 30% - which means 30% less greenhouse gas emissions from your home.

Our Values

Make technology accessible to everyone.
Look for the win-win-win. If our customers win, we win.
Customer Value
Build new and valuable technology for our customers.
Create a culture of innovation.
Take responsibility, focus on solutions.
Be worthy of trust through integrity, transparency and security.

The Shipshape 2-2-2 Model

Technology is driving inequality. We really can not fathom the impact this technology revolution will have on mankind.

At Shipshape, we want to do our part to make sure that impact is good. We have aimed our talents at using technology to help the everyday home owner. We will build philanthropy directly into our business model.

of our product

1 out of 50 homes on our platform will be subsidized so that we ensure we are building technology that serves homeowners at all income levels.

of our time

Employees receive 5 days of paid time off for volunteering each year. Volunteering is an important way to get to know the communities and homeowners we serve.

of our equity

We issued a founding stake in the company to the Shipshape Foundation so that as our company grows, one of the largest beneficiaries will be the low-income homeowners to which the Shipshape Foundation makes grants.
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